These Are Your Five Favorite Headphonesback

These Are Your Five Favorite Headphones


5. So check out the finalists below, and don窶冲 forget to vote at the bottom of the post!
Note: In the case of similar models, we窶况e grouped them together into a single nominee.
Bose QuietComfort 35
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I love my Bose QC35s. They have great sound quality, bluetooth capability, and good battery life. Most of all, the noise-canceling is better than I窶况e experienced with anything else. I fly a lot for work, and these cancel out almost all of the engine noise. - C Tie
+1 for QC35s. I may guess they窶决e not the best sound quality for audiophiles but it窶冱 great for everything else. and it still works passively without power. - D.H.S.
Sony MDR-V6/7506
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I窶况e listened to and owned hundreds of pairs of headphones, buds, earphones, and in-ear monitors. Here窶冱 what i窶况e learned: Bluetooth is garbage. Noise cancellation = distortion. Wireless is garbage. Bose, garbage. Shure, meh. Beats, garbage. Forever and always: Sony MDR-7506, I used them for field recording, mixing, and editing - Your Bose is garbage
Been working in Radio, TV, and Film production for over 10 years.
I swear by these. Their clarity and balance makes them great for work, and even better for music.
More importantly, I can wear them all day and not feel a thing. Save for changing the pads, I窶况e had my current pair for 6 years-ish, and they窶决e still in great shape.
Side note: If you窶决e looking to change the pads, I got Sheep skin replacements... so nice... - 930_whaletail
I窶囘 like to conominate the MDR-7506 along with the MDR-V




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