Speedrunner Wants To Change How People Think About Dota 2back

Speedrunner Wants To Change How People Think About Dota 2


7. And last week, a player by the name of Mekarazium defeated Dota 2's Roshan in just 1:33.
In Dota 2, teams compete to see who can destroy the other窶冱 base first. In order to do this they kill enemies, as well as other players, for experience and gold, level up, and buy powerful items. On this road to getting more powerful and trying to push in on the enemy team, players fight over a particular creature on the map called Roshan. Computer-controlled and hostile to both teams, killing the beast nets the players who did it not only a bounty of gold and experience, but also an extra life.
When Roshan is killed it drops an item called the Aegis. Whoever holds the Aegis is automatically revived when they die. This grants a huge advantage to the team who controls it, giving them in essence an extra person on the team for as long as the item lasts (the Aegis will eventually disappear, used or not, signalling that Roshan has respawned and can be killed again).
So Mekarazium set out to see how quickly it was possible to beat Roshan. Booting up an empty game he selected Ursa, a bear who窶冱 attacks stack damage early on making it possible to kill the beast at level














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