Overwatch Players Are Sick Of The Sombra ARG [UPDATE]back

Overwatch Players Are Sick Of The Sombra ARG [UPDATE]


Upon completion, the countdown site read, 窶?...Carga finalizada. Unidad Bastion E-54 comprometida...,窶? implying that Bastion has been compromised in some way or another. Apparently there窶冱 now some funny business happening with Bastion窶冱 victory pose, as well as the map Dorado. Something might happen tomorrow, but nobody窶冱 certain.
After months of waiting, people expected something huge. Most figured Blizzard would outright release Sombra at the end of it all, or at least give us a screenshot or a video or an animated short film in which she calls up her Internet service provider and demands a damn connection upgrade. But instead we got another anticlimax, after people already stared getting sick of it months ago.
General sentiment on places like the Overwatch subreddit and official forums is... less than positive:

However, I窶况e seen this theory floating around in a few corners of the Overwatch fandom, and it窶冱 an interesting one, if nothing else:
So that窶冱 worth thinking about, at least. For the most part, though, clue hunters are exhausted, and everybody else is pissed. Here窶冱 hoping Blizzard finally does something sooner rather than later.
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